Monday, April 23, 2018

Circuit Cubes STEM Fun

My son loves building. He likes building robots in his VEX Robotics Club at school, and building with LEGOs. I love seeing toys that involve his passions and get him off their electronics. Recently we received Circuit Cubes from Tenka Labs and Evan had fun trying it out.
We received the Bright Lights Kit which comes with a ultra-bright LED cube, Motor Cube and Battery Cube. The Battery is the power supply that drives the Motor to rotate the gears, and lights the LED.
Before starting you will need to charge the blue battery cube so plan ahead to do this in advance of giving this to your child to play with. Here you can see Evan connecting the components to make it light up.
 With this kit you can make a cool flashlight with the telescope tube and mylar disks it comes with.
Here is his finished flashlight. You can also put pretty star stickers on the side of the tube or make designs on the mylar disks to project on to surfaces.
Evan said the connections were easy to work with and also loved that he can connect his LEGOs with these components. It also works with Mega Bloks.
Here you can see the components close up. Here Evan is connecting the components up so that the tire will spin from the motor.
Even Shellie are dog was interested in this toy. Especially when it was lit up she liked that.
There are so many options for this kit, there are no limits to what your imagination can build. Here is the kit in the package. You can purchase it on Tenka Labs website or on Amazon.
Disclosure: I received Circuit Cubes Bright Lights for review purposes. I was also compensated for this review. As always all opinions are my own.

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