Thursday, August 9, 2018

Mamma Mia Tons of Fun at the North Shore Music Theatre

One of my favorite theaters to go to is the North Shore Music Theatre (NSMT). I love it because the action surrounds you and there is not a bad seat in the theater. We had the pleasure of going to Mamma Mia and it was awesome! On top of great singing, acting, and dancing the show had you up out of your seat having fun.
First off, ABBA's music is just fantastic. It makes you want to move and groove. When you hear Dancing Queen you can't help moving your shoulders.
All show photos by Paul Lyden provided by the North Shore Music Theatre
The costumes were absolutely fantastic.
Let me start with Donna played by Erica Mansfield. What an amazing voice she has! Her acting was wonderful as the strong single mother handling everything on her own. There were also touching moments of her with her daughter Sophie before her wedding day.
When she was with her friends it was magic. Tiffani Barbour as Rosie and Tari Kelly as Tanya were fantastic. They had some hilarious scenes together.
Tari Kelly was especially a standout in her hysterical portrayal of her part. Her walking along the guys arms and singing was especially impressive.
Tiffani Barbour as Rosie was especially fantastic in Take a Chance on Me! I loved it!
Malia Monk did a wonderful job as Sophie. She had such innocence and a beautiful voice. Who wouldn't want to figure out who their Dad was. Her Dads did a great job including Al Bundonis as Bill, Davide Elder as Sam and Christopher Carl as Harry. Sam had a fantastic voice also in his solo songs.
Harry cracked me up with his head banging. He was so great and hilarious.
The ending is fantastic. I will just say you will be out of your seat dancing along to some of the favorite songs from the show. What a blast!
More about the Show:
The story takes place on a mythical Greek island in the present day, and centers around a young girl named Sophie who dreams of a white wedding, with her father giving her away at the altar (I HAVE A DREAM). Problem is, she doesn't know who her dad is - and she's getting married the next day. As the show begins, she explains to her chums that her mum, Donna, fell into the arms of three men within a short space of time. So she's got three possible dads, and has invited them all to the wedding (HONEY, HONEY). Sophie's mum, a tavern hostess, used to front a rock chick band called "Donna and the Dynamos." 
Her former bandmates - the tomboyish Rosie and the glamorous Tanya - show up for the wedding, and talk over how life has turned out for them (MONEY, MONEY, MONEY). They're not the only ones who turn up though - so do the three possible dads, whom Sophie convinces not to tell Donna that she invited them (THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC). Donna is surprised, to say the least, at the sight of the new arrivals (MAMMA MIA). Convinced that this new twist will ruin everything, she escapes to her room, where Rosie and Tanya do their best to cheer her up (CHIQUITITA). They discover mementos of their old rock band days, and try to see if they've still got it (DANCING QUEEN). Sophie is not much happier - she'd been sure she'd be able to tell at first sight which one was her father, but she has no clue. Sky (her fiance) tries to cheer her up, while his friends try to steal him away for the traditional bachelor party, beginning with a deep-sea dive (LAY ALL YOUR LOVE ON ME). 
 At Sophie's own party, Donna, Rosie and Tanya make their triumphant return to the stage (SUPER TROUPER). The three "dad"s, Sam, Bill and Harry, are also present, and as the only men there are subjected to the attention of the girls (GIMME! GIMME! GIMME!). Sophie talks to each of the men, and all of them become convinced that the reason he has been invited is because he is Sophie's father (THE NAME OF THE GAME). Sophie returns hopelessly confused, while the party carries on (VOULEZ-VOUS). The second act begins with Sophie's nightmare about her wedding, where there are three men fighting to give away the bride, who isn't what she seems (UNDER ATTACK). 
Sam is the first to try to speak to Donna about his suspicions, but all she can think of is the past (ONE OF US). It turns out Sam, who may have been the love of her life, left her. They both wish they could go back to the time when they were open with one another (S.O.S.). Meanwhile, Tanya has been fighting off advances from one of the boys that works for Donna, and finally manages to put him down once and for all (DOES YOUR MOTHER KNOW?). 
Sam tells Sophie something about his failed marriage, trying to ensure she knows what she's getting into with Sky (KNOWING ME, KNOWING YOU). Harry has also decided to speak to Donna, and they begin to reminisce about the time they spent together (OUR LAST SUMMER). Sophie herself arrives and Donna helps her finish getting ready for the wedding, hardly able to believe her little girl is getting married (SLIPPING THROUGH MY FINGERS). 
Sam returns again, emboldened by his talk with Sophie, but Donna still doesn't want to have anything to do with him, and asks him to leave (THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL). An attraction has been growing between Rosie and Bill, who find themselves alone in the church before the wedding. She decides to take matters into her own hands (TAKE A CHANCE ON ME). The wedding begins, with Donna giving the bride away. However, Sophie's been doing some thinking, and puts an end to the proceedings, saying she's just not ready. But someone else is - Sam explains his desertion of 20 years ago and asks Donna to marry him. Shocked, but happy, she agrees (I DO, I DO, I DO). Content with having three dads rather than just one, Sophie leaves with Sky to find their future (I HAVE A DREAM).
Definitely get your tickets now as this show is here until September 2nd!

Disclosure:  I received 4 tickets to attend a performance of Mamma Mia.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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