Tuesday, October 14, 2008

10/14/08: Evan's Alphabet Song and Couting

Evan decided to show off his skills tonight by singing the ABCs and counting. Let's see if school is teaching him anything.

Hmmm....only missing a few letters in the ABCs.

And he did start at 1, just wasn't fast enough with the camera. He gets to 12, not bad?

Stay tuned for other things Evan learns. He will be going to Smolak Farms next week for a Field Trip with school. Mommy is chaperoning.

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Anonymous said...

Those are FANTASTIC - I particularly like the dog watching with dedicating in the alphabet vid, and the grin and spin routine during the counting vid. It's a relief to see that your little guy seems as constantly in motion as mine does.
Good job Evan!! - JJ Kate