Thursday, September 4, 2008

9/4/08: Evan's 1st day of school at the Learning Garden

Evan's 1st day of school at the Learning Garden in Mrs. Smulligan's class. He was so excited to go he could barely sleep last night and when he woke up he said are we going to school? So cute! He did great over there and got his K stamped on his hand (K is the letter of the day). Here are some pictures. My little boy is growing up. Sniff, sniff. Amazingly I did shed a tear after drop off, it is a new stage of his life that I need to adjust to.

We went out to lunch after school which was a tradition for me and my Mom when I was growing up. We went to Friendly's and Evan got a big ice cream after. Hopefully he doesn't expect it after every class. There were lots of his classmates there too.

He did have a great time at school and enjoyed his lunch out.

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kate-the-enabler said...

Happy first day of school - hope the special lunch together is the beginning of a great family tradition.
cheers, Kate (June Joy Kate)