Tuesday, December 23, 2008

12/23/08: Daycare Christmas Party

All the kids excited for their Christmas Party at daycare. Lauren, Molly, Sydney and Evan.
Lauren loving her new dolls. She loves backpacks so this one is perfect and calls Momma and cries.
Evan looking mighty handsome.

Luke the littlest one.
Evan and Lauren.

Lauren getting ready to give Sydney the gift she bought for her (an Astronaut Barbie).
Evan opening up his presents.

Joey giving his gift to Lauren (a dolly). Ironically Mommy went to school with Joey's Daddy and they were in the same home room in HS. Small world.
The kids having fun. Lauren, Evan, Molly and Joey.

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Olga said...

Cute little angels! =)
Love their cheeks, so rosy!