Sunday, December 7, 2008

12/7/08: Breakfast with Santa

Today was breakfast with Santa which is always a fun event for the kids (and Mommy too, not sure about how much Daddy loves it). As you may remember Lauren still won't sit with Santa. She responded the same as she did at Edaville, and the Mall. That is ok, next weekend we go on the Polar Express and go to a Party with Santa at a farm in NH. We will see. I don't understand how she lets Minnie Mouse hold her and loves all the characters, but a guy in a red suit freaks her out???
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Evan loves talking to Santa and sitting on his lap.

As can be seen here again. He loves Santa!

And Evan loves Minnie.
And Lauren loves Minnie. Big hugs.

And everyone loves Mickey Mouse of course. Here is Evan, Lauren and their friend Molly.

And who doesn't love Tigger?
And Frosty. We just watched his show last night.

And Rudolph (we watched his show too).

And one more of Minnie.
And here is Ally, Lauren, and Evan. Ally is a friend from playgroup.

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