Friday, January 16, 2009

1/16/09: The Love of Siblings Part 2 and a Busy Day

Ok, I know I posted about the love of siblings before but I just had to again. I was reminded yet again of how cute the two of these kids can be together when they were in the bath the other night. This picture shows when Lauren gave Evan a big hug and they were all giggles.

And the fact that Evan washes Lauren's hair. It is too cute.

Today we had a super busy day. Evan helped Lauren today at a Mother Goose on the Loose program we went to. The kids had a ton of fun together at it.
Then our day continued on to Evan's ice skating lesson. Nothing like sitting in a cold ice rink when it is the coldest day in years outside. What we do for our kids huh? Here he is standing on his own!
And to finish out our day we went to the Museum of Science, or as Evan calls it the Dinosaur Museum (due to the picture below). It is Dinosaur month at school so Evan is big into Dinosaurs right now. We went to Free Films Fridays and saw the Mars Rover Omni Theatre movie. The kids really enjoyed it.

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