Thursday, January 1, 2009

12/31/08: 2008 ends with a bang

New Year's Eve before heading over to a party at our friend Nick, Val and Tanya's house.

Here is Lauren before all the excitement started. We were hanging out at a friend's house for New Year's Eve and eating/drinking, having the kids play. Lauren was acting fine, but then around 10:45 Lauren threw up. We left the party, came home and bathed the kids. John was in the shower cleaning up as mid-night struck. I taped Dick Clark's Rockin New Years Eve so we could re-live mid-night when John came down. John asked me out 14 years ago on New Year's Eve (after mid-night) so it is our original dating anniversary.

Poor Lauren threw up through the night and into New Year's day. The year has got to look up from here.

Evan cooking up some fun.

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