Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1/20/10: Reflecting and Looking Forward

Looking at the calendar year 2010 I started to reflect on the last decade and what makes me happy right now that I need to do more in the new decade. The last decade I did a lot. Let's recap the highlights:
Major Accomplishments:
- Got Married in July of 2000 (Here was our Wedding Website)
- Had Evan in May of 2005
- Had Lauren in April of 2007
- John and I got a dog - Fred (Shetland Sheepdog)
- I left the country for the first time and travelled to a place requiring a Passport.
- Got certified to teach Step Aerobics and started teaching
- Got promoted to Group Leader, Section Manager, and Senior Project Manager
Low Points:
- The passing of my Aunt/God Mother/2nd Mother - God Bless Her Soul
- Getting Laid off from PTC after 10 1/2 years, losing my part time 3 day a week schedule
- Struggling through to diagnose Evan's reflux and screaming when eating
- Evan stopping breathing at 9 days old and rushing him to the ER
- Scare over a bright spot on an ultrasound with Lauren
- 9/11
- My childhood dog Rocky (Yorkshire Terrier) passed away
Things I learned:
- How to ballroom dance for my wedding.
- How to decorate cakes in a Wilton Class and in making them for birthdays.
- Project Management
- Scrapbooking
- Posting on a Message Board - joined one on Baby Center when I was pregnant with Evan and the ladies from there still chat today almost 5 1/2 years later.
- Blogging: This was my first blog post ever. Since then I have posted 294 blog posts!
- Running - I ran my first 5K race
- How to care for a child.
- The joy children would bring me.
Places I travelled to:
- Italy for a month - Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, Sicily to see John's Family
- Portugal for 2 weeks - Lisbon, Estoril, Cascias, Sintra and Madeira - to see where Gilda's Family is from
- Las Vegas
- Napa Valley
- San Francisco
- Hawaii - Maui, Kauai, and Oahu
- Disney World numerous times
- Disney Land
- Bahamas
- Nevis - thanks to John winning a Chairman's Award at work (also my first time in First Class on an airplane)
- New York to see the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular and Rent
- White Mountains numerous times to go to Story Land and Santa's Village
The new Decade and what it brings:
- The kids will go to Pre School, Elementary School, and gasp....Middle School
- My 40's gasp again....
- Being married 10 years...all the way up to almost 20!
So as I start to think forward, I thought I should think about things that make me happy in this decade because I know these things have changed significantly over the years:
- Watching the kids in activities and seeing them improve. Listening to Lauren run up to me and say "I did it" or "I did my best" or listening to Evan say "Did you see me", "I did good" are highlights for me and the grin on my face is enormous as I watch everything they do.
- Throwing a fun birthday Party or Halloween Party for the kids. I love party planning and making cakes. I love when they have a good time.
- Volunteering in Evan's class and getting to meet all of his classmates and interact with them.
- Seeing the kids learn and grow in so many ways!
- John telling me I did a good job on something - cleaning the house, a party, planning a trip, etc.
- Having a date night and really talking about our lives since we barely ever have time.
- Having my aerobics class say they are tired and got a good workout from my class.
- Blogging
- Spreading the word about Kid's activities and Events coming up
and most of the words of Lauren what makes me the happiest is:
Doing the best I can!
That is all we can truly ask right?
Feel free to comment, bloggers love comments.


Andrea said...

This is really cool. You have had an amazing 10 years. You will have another exciting 10 I believe! :)

Christine said...

What a list! honestly, reading this brought tears to my eyes. it's great to stop and take time to think about all the things you have in your life and what makes you truly happy. it's not about how much $$ you make or how big your house is or how many things you own.

Thanks for sharing. Makes me want to do a list of my own.

sjaa said...

So sweet, Gilda. I love thinking about how far we've all come in 10 years and how far we'll go in the next.

robin.organ said...

Certainly has been a busy 10 years! Nice to reflect this way. Here's to making many more memories!

Elsie Hall said...

Wow...10 years doesn't seem like that long, but you're right--when you really think about all that has happened it went by in a blink...middle school in 10 years *gulp*...I think our guys will be freshmen in high school in 10 years at the ripe age of 14 going on 15!

Colleen said...

Wow Gilda! This is fantastic in more ways than one... Fantastic to see what the past 10 years has brought, what the next ten years will bring and even better that you could sit down and write it so nicely to share. It has been an amazing decade and I wish I could write it so nicely like you have done. Enjoy, you have a beautiful family and so many exciting things to remember and look forward to.