Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2/2/10: The Year of Things Breaking

So 2010 seems to be the year of everything breaking. Luckily Evan has his tools and is ready to fix things. It all started with the home computer not booting. That appeared to be the memory and it was under warranty so that went back to be replaced. Then I was watching TV and the I heard a pop and the screen went black so we ordered a replacement lamp for that. Then John's Check Engine light came on, which seemed to be nothing. Then it was my digital camera which I can't live without. When I would zoom little black shadow marks would show up in the corner and showed up on the pictures. That was shipped back and a replacement is in route back to me. Right now our cable box DVR is doing wierd things where it thinks it is taping, but it is not and I delete things and they keep coming back. We have rebooted and are hoping for the best. I also put up the new photo calendars I ordered and gave as Christmas gifts to family and noticed that they were for 2009! Oops, those had to get replaced.
As you may see from this picture, our kitchen is in the first stage of re-model. The wallpaper is being removed as a first stage.
Here's to hoping February is a better month!

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