Tuesday, June 1, 2010

5/31/10: Roger Williams Zoo Fun

We always have fun when we go to the Roger Williams Zoo in RI. This will be our third trip there. It was a big Zoo week as we also went to the Stone Zoo on Thursday.
This was my favorite animal, a little red panda. There were also some cool sea otters that made some funny noises that made us laugh.
And the kids hanging out.
The elephants were Evan's favorite. Everytime we get there they seem to be getting bathed. They are very clean elephants.
And Lauren's favorite was the giraffe.
Evan is going to be a frog in his pre-school graduation so we thought it was appropriate that he was sitting on one.
Lauren sitting on a doggy.
Evan on the Carousel that they have in the park. He thought the giraffe was cool.
And Lauren on the horsey.
Lauren hanging out with this little worm guy. This little girl will pose with anything.

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