Sunday, August 15, 2010

8/13/10: The Bolton Fair

We had such a fun time at the Bolton Fair. This is the first time we had gone. There were animals, free shows, rides, food and Kid's activities and entertainment. Who could ask for anything more? The only complaint I had was the cost. $10 to get in for me, luckily kids 6 and under were free and then the rides were ridiculously priced. It was $28 for 30 tickets and every ride took 3 tickets. So each kid got to go on 5 kiddie rides each for $28. Not a great value. I love all the carnivals but Fiesta Shows has got to have more reasonable prices. Thanks to Facebook I was also able to see my High School AP Physics partner so that was cool too. It had to have been 20 years since I had seen him.The kids loved the baby cows.
Posing with the signs.
Evan posing.
Racing vegetables?
Yes really. You could race cars made of corn on the cob. The kids loved it.
They even got a ribbon stating they raced Veggie cars at the Bolton Fair. Evan was very excited.
We also saw a lumberjack show, here are the kids getting a piece of wood signed by the star of the show.
And saw a Magician, knife throwing act, and kids music performer.
Feeding the animals.
Feeding more animals.

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