Sunday, August 22, 2010

8/19-20/10: Company Picnic, Visit to Mommy's Work and the Zoo

On Thursday my department had our picnic. The kids wanted to meet some of my friends from work and see my new office so we ventured in. Here they are checking out my office. They were probably not too impressed as they saw my old office which was much larger with windows, and well let's face it an actual office, not a cubicle. Note my End of an Era post, I am still at PTC now just in a different role. Hard to believe I have been here 12 years. Either way they liked checking it out and drawing on my whiteboard and visiting some of my friends who I used to work with. One of my friends wasn't in his office but was connected to his machine so we had fun writing back and forth to him on his computer from his office.
Here were the kids at the picnic having fun. Here is Lauren showing off her Gymnastics skills.
And Evan loves climbing.
Then on Friday went to the Franklin Park Zoo. That was lots of fun as always.
The kids hanging out with a Gorilla.
And Zebras.

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