Monday, April 11, 2011

4/10/11: Lauren's Ballerina Birthday Party

Lauren had a wonderful 4th birthday party at her dance school, Ellen's School of Dance. 
Miss Laurie and her staff did a wonderful job decorating, playing games with the kids, Dancing with the kids, and doing crafts. I got rave reviews from all the parents. We even got to hang up some of Lauren's formal birthday photos that I had posted previously here.
Here are all the kids from the party.
Cake time!
The setup of cake and cupcakes that I made for the party along with the shadow box I made with her costume from her first Dance recital.
Parachute time!
Time to eat!
Lauren very excited for all her friends to show up.
Craft time.
More games that included dancing.
London Bridges falling down.
Lauren got stuck in the London Bridge and loved it.
Thank you Miss Laurie for a wonderful time!  Miss Laurie is Lauren and my teacher for Dance and she was also my teacher when I was young.