Thursday, August 11, 2011

8/11/2011: Back to School With Tiny Prints

Back to school time is always nostalgic to me.  I think back to the lovely traditions my Mom started with me and the new ones I have started with my kids.  Every year I remember going back to school shopping and then going to my Aunt's house to do a fashion show.  I would come out with every matching outfit and shoes and be so excited to show it off by modeling it around her living room.  My Aunt was like a second mother to me, she passed over a year ago but I think of her often especially around every back to school season.  The other tradition I cherish and have continued with my kids is to take them out to lunch the first day of school.  I did this every year with my Mom and Aunt also.  This was always a fun lunch to recap the day, tell them about my teacher, classmates and what I thought.  I love this first day of school picture of me going off to my first day of Kindergarten. 
And of course I took a picture with my next door neighbor who is esentially the sister I never had.
Now with my children we always go out to lunch the first day but I have also started a few new things.  I now make a sign that the kids hold up on the first day of school which I think is super cute and also put a note in their folder with a picture and a note telling them good luck in the new year and that we love them.
I happen to look at the tinyprints website and realized they have a whole back to school section that would be great for the little notes I do.  They have cool labels which is great for all the items you need to send in, teacher appreciation cards (which I do every year), personalized note pads, and even play date cards!  I didn't know these even existed but are a great idea.  They even have lots of items for teachers including personalized academic planners, and classroom cards.  So cool!  So get in gear for back to school and head on over to tinyprints.
It will be here before you know it!
Disclosure:  I was not given monetary compensation for this post however was given a Tiny Prints gift card as part of the Global Influence Tiny Prints Back to School Campaign.

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