Monday, August 15, 2011

8/12/11: Southwick's Zoo Fun

We love to go to Zoos (Roger Williams, Stone Zoo, Franklin Zoo, Southwick's Zoo).  Have you noticed though how different Zoos are now from when we were kids?  Now there are lots of rides, and not just animals to see.  Of course the rides take tickets and are a fortune so a day at the Zoo ends up being at least $100.  Luckily I had my Fun Pass with me which saved us $27.  We recently went back to Southwick's Zoo.  We had a great day as we always do.  The kids liked these turtles.
 Lauren posing.
 I love these Prairie Dogs!
Another favorite thing is feeding the birds.
 Me feeding the birds too.  This was one of my highlights.
 Love this guy.
These guys were cool too and John's favorite.
Another favorite part is the Deer Forest.
We also took a ride on their little train and on the Sky Ride which was a fairly long ride.  This was the first time both kids could go on the Sky Ride as the minimum height is 42 inches.
 Some views from above.
And this could have been the highlight.  The Tortoises having some "afternoon delight" or as the kids said, "look at them fighting".
I must say the sounds coming from them and the fact that the one on the bottom was eating added to the hilarity of it all.  A woman observing compared it to the Seinfeld episode with George eating a sandwich.  Pretty funny, gave me a chuckle.

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