Friday, January 13, 2012

1/13/12: Naef Colorem Handmade Quality Toys

Are you looking for high quality toys that are handmade and foster your child's imagination?  I have a brand for you.  Naef is a company based in Switzerland.  Naef play objects stand for quality, durability, design and creativity.  You can check out their line of products here.  I received the Colorem toy.  This toy is super cool in the fact that kids can do whatever they want.
 You can organize the 25 blocks however you want and connect them with the cord provided.  Then color them or draw on them separately.  I like what Evan did, he colored a drawing and then took the cord off and mixed them up and put them back together like a puzzle.  He loves puzzles so this was a clever idea.
 Lauren loved coloring them and liked flipping it over so that she could draw on the other side. 
 You can buy their products on their US site here.
Colorem comes with 5 water - soluble chalk crayons (white, green, red, blue and yellow) which enable children to draw their imaginary world on the maple wood cubes, which are varnished with high quality blackboard paint. In no time, colourful cats or fabulous magical fishes are created. A quick wipe with a wet sponge and the cubes are clean and ready for something else. How about a self-drawn memory game or an alphabet game?
Here is some more information about Naef USA:
"Naef USA Inc. was launched in May of 2005 in Winchester, Virginia 22603 as the sole distributor for the United States and Canada. Our distribution center provides the highest level of excellence and quality assistance that our company’s founder Kurt Naef instilled into Naef Spiele AG of Switzerland.
Our entrance in the United States has made it easier to supply Naef hand made wooden toys; or as we like to refer to them as “Objects or Art” to our avid followers. We plan to maintain our unprecedented reputation for quality and customer service in order to maintain the Naef name and tradition well into the future.
Every Naef item is sold with the full intent of bringing enjoyment to the customer as well as to their family members in the future. Our product’s specifically selected woods and superior Swiss craftsmanship allow for them to last beyond a single generation. Naef is more than just a toy; it is the piece of family history that will be passed down from generation to generation."
  The kids enjoyed cleaning the blocks off with the sponge provided so they could create again and again.
 Lauren making sure to use all the colors provided.
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Disclosure:  I received this product for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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Great product! Your kiddos are adorable.