Sunday, January 8, 2012

1/8/12: The Four Freshmen Come to Town

As I mentioned in my earlier post The Four Freshmen Jazz group is a vocal harmony group that my cousin Bob is in.  He has been all over the world in his 20 years with the group, but it is always exciting when he comes to town as he lives in Vegas.  Today they came to the Stoneham Theatre in Stoneham, MA and we got to see him.  Even better he finally got to meet my two kids.
Here he is with Evan and Lauren.  Bob sings and plays the drums.  You can check out their tour dates hereThe Four Freshmen began in 1948 and have kept going all these years.  Now Brian Eichenberger does a lot of their arrangements and they have a new CD coming out shortly.
It is so great to see him, even if it is just for a bit every year or so.  Evan especially liked when they sang Route 66 as that is from his favorite movie Cars.  Lauren also leaned over to me during that song to whisper Lightening McQueen.
Bob the show was wonderful.  Great job to all of the guys!  They were well deserving of the standing ovation they received.
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