Tuesday, July 17, 2012

7/17/12: Brookstone Cool Products for Home, and Back to School!

I had the pleasure of attending a media event at Brookstone in the North Shore Mall.  I wanted to share some of my favorite home items, toys and back to school items.  I have to start with their massage chairs!  These are the OSIM uStyle, OSIM uAstro Zero-Gravity and the OSIM uDivine Massage Chairs.  I got to sit in them and they are amazing!  Notice the area to put your legs and feet in.  This was my favorite part.  There are so many settings to control on the remote they truly provide true relaxation.
I remember being in Las Vegas and we had walked a ton around the strip.  We went in to a Brookstone and I sat in one of their massage chairs and it totally rejuvenated me.  As their sign says they do always have something new.  I was so impressed with so many of their newly developed items.
 Here is another one of my favorites!  It is a Virtual Keyboard.  Pair it with any Bluetooth device and you now have a larger workspace.  The device on the left is the final design which is a key chain.  The developer decided he was not happy with the size of the device on the right so they were able to downsize.  This item is not on the market yet but will be on August 8th.
Here is another amazing item.  This is a Pocket Projector for iPhone and iPad devices.  It is a 1080p HD projector and it is so tiny.  This is really great for business presentations and even projecting a movie when your camping with the kids or at a sleep over.  Plus it is so portable just bring it with you when traveling and you can carry it in your purse.
Next for your home or for a dorm room or child's room here is the Big Blue Live Portable Wireless Speaker and Big Blue Studio Wireless Speakers.
Awesome sound and controlled from your Bluetooth enabled phones, tablets, and computers.  Works with Apple, Android, BlackBerry and other Bluetooth enabled devices.  No docking station, no cords, just a small device and it can get loud if you want it to.  Plus it has touch sensitive volume controls.
 Want to take your music outside?  Well here you go, a weather-resistant Wireless Outdoor Speaker and it is beautiful to look at!
With a 5 and 7 year old I would be remiss if I didn't discuss the cool inventions they have for kids including toys that are App controlled!  Seriously how cool is this Parrot A.R. Drone Quadricopter which has on-board Wi-Fi to put you in control by using your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or select Android devices.  Plus it has an on-board camera that captures in-flight video and stills!  It can also do aerial stunts and flips.
And check out this App-Controlled Car!  My son would love this.
Another issue that we have in our house that I am sure you have to is soggy cereal!  The Obol is another great innovation.  It solves the age old problem of soggy cereal, soggy crackers in soup and even where to put chips and dip when you want one bowl out.
 This will be perfect for my daughter as she is a very slow eater in the morning then complains and can't finish her cereal because it is mushy.
One last wonderful product.  Turn your Air Conditioner off at night and save on cooling costs as this cool Bed Fan with Wireless Remote literally blows air under the sheets.  Plus there is a bedside wireless remote so you don't even need to get out of bed to adjust it.  This is perfect for me as I always need to have the covers on even if it is a hot summer night because it helps me sleep.  Now with this fan the cooling will not be above the sheets but below the sheets.  What a great invention!
 I was very lucky to receive the Obol and Bed Fan with Wireless Remote to take home.  I can't wait to provide more in-depth reviews of these products and more Brookstone products in the future.
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Disclosure:  I was provided the Obol and Bed Fan by Brookstone when attending their media event.  I received no other compensation and all opinions are my own.


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Great to see you at the event!

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Great to see you at the event!