Sunday, October 14, 2012

10/14/12: Roger Williams Zoo Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular and Harvest Buffet

We were able to experience the Roger Williams Zoo Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular with the Harvest Buffet last night.  The theme this year is All the Worlds a Stage and all of the pumpkins reflected movies from all genres.  
The great thing about the Harvest Buffet is you get to eat there, plus get VIP entrance to the Pumpkin Trail.  They lead you past the line of people entering the Pumpkin Trail and let you right in.  Here is the food we got to have.
There is turkey, cranberry sauce, squash, vegetables, and mashed potatoes.  Plus hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken fingers.  The food was really good.  Plus there is soda, water, coffee, and hot cider.
Then of course on to the pumpkins.
Here are some of our favorite pumpkins and I have a slide show below.
Here are my favorites.  My first pick is Ghostbusters.  I love this movie and love the pumpkin with the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man.
The Tree!  Absolutely amazing! 
I love this one in memory of Neil Armstrong.  At the end they always do pumpkins carved in memory of famous people who have passed away during the year. 
 Now Evan's favorite.  Of course it is Cars!
Plus both John and he loved the Titanic one.
Lauren loved Beauty and the Beast.
John loved the Alien.
Another favorite of all of us was the Lion.
My Mom loved the God Father one. 
Look at how amazing these are! 
The event goes until November 3.  I would recommend getting there early if you go on a Friday or Saturday night or better yet go to the Harvest Buffet at 5 pm and get the VIP entry to the Spectacular.  You can find more information here on the Harvest Buffet.  When we left last night at 7:15 the line was enormous.  It had to be at least a 2 hour wait.  If you can go on a weeknight the lines would be shorter also.  Refer to the Roger Williams Zoo Website or my previous posting for pricing and time information.
 Here is some video of the Tree.

I can't say enough about this event, go check it out for yourself!
Here is a slide show of Pumpkins.  My pictures can not do these justice, you really need to see them in person.

 What an amazing display.  I can't wait to go this year.
Disclosure: I was provided tickets to the Harvest Buffet for my family and I in exchange for promotional review.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.


Unknown said...

Thanks so much for this review! I'm thinking of going next weekend and this info was helpful. I love the idea of the VIP entry too.

One concern I have is that the Harvest Buffet will sell out. I see that you can't buy tix in advance and we are coming from Boston. Do you think we can arrive at 4:45 and get tix or would we be better off showing up earlier in the day?

Unknown said...
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Gilda said...

I would recommend getting there around 4:45 as you said to get tickets. The line for the Harvest Buffet is separate from the line to get in. They were selling tickets to people in the line and I did not see anyone turned away.

Jennifer J said...

How awesome!! I wish there was something like this here!