Sunday, February 17, 2013

2/17/13: Peaceable Kingdom What's It or Sticker Activity Book Giveaway

I love playing games with my kids.  Specifically I like to play non-electronic board games with them.  It lets them be creative and also reinforces some important lessons from school.  We recently tried out Peaceable Kingdom's What's It?: The Game Where Creative Minds Think Alike.  
Keep reading to see how you can win a game or Sticker Book from Peaceable Kingdom.
What is one thing you don't like about board games?
For me it is how competitive my kids can get to try and win.  My son will cheat and take multiple roles of the dice to get what he wants and find other ways to move ahead.  All he cares about is winning, then someone ends up crying and what started out as a fun game becomes not fun at all.  The nice thing about What's It and several other games from Peaceable Kingdom is that they are cooperative games.
A Cooperative Game is a game where all players play together against a common obstacle, not against each other.  In this game we played against the Doodler by matching words with other players.  The dice is rolled that has several categories on it like "You wear it" and you then turn over a card with a doodle.  Each player writes at least three things that they think the doodle looks like. 
I love that they are practicing writing, spelling and using their imagination to figure out what the doodle looks like.  Instead of spending time worrying about how they can beat another player.  You gain points by matching your answers with other players.  There is a timer but since my daughter is really still learning to write words since she is in Kindergarten I didn't use the timer.  They even suggest in the directions ways you can adjust the game to the level of your kids.
Playing cooperative games teaches kids to cooperate and keeps sister and brother working together against the Doodler.
Here it is as packaged.  It includes 150 Doodle Cards, 1 Category Die, 6 Answer Boards, 6 Dry Erase Pens, 1 Scorecard, and 1 30-Second Timer.  It has a retail value of $24.99.
Another item we received was a Princess Sticker Activity Book with Princesses, Fairies and Mermaids.  All of these are favorites of my daughter.  It was actually funny seeing how much interest my son took in it and really wanted to put on the mermaid stickers.  There is a scene that you can add fish and mermaids to which he thought was really cool.
It comes with 75 stickers which my daughter was having a lot of fun with.  She especially liked dressing the princesses and giving them accessories. 
It also has some other activities including a puzzle which she really liked and Color Match-Up.  The colors are vibrant, plus the stickers don't rip when she takes them off.  That is usually a problem we have with sticker books.  She had no problem taking them out and putting them in the right spots.
Dressing up her princesses.  With 75 stickers she can take a lot of time decorating and making every page look beautiful.
This was a perfect activity during our huge blizzard in New England that had us in the house for a few days.
Do you want to win any game or Sticker book from the website?  Enter below for your chance.
Disclosure:  I was provided this game and activity book for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.
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Julia said...

Because my son has a hard time losing and this would allow us to all have fun together

Tamar said...

It encourages bonding.

JohnZ said...

We like to play games together and I won't have to let him win....

Debby Chandler said...

I think it helps kids learn to play well together.

sweetsue said...

I like the thought of cooperative games because it helps kids work together and brings them closer.

Suzie Williams said...

I think they would be great for our family because my kids always fight over who wins.

tavernie said...

It would teach and allow them to play together and get along!
ptavernie at yahoo dot com

Sonia said...

I love that it's hands on, creative and unplugged. It allows the kids to be creative and use their imagination.