Friday, March 1, 2013

3/1/13: Sidekix Two Toys In One

My kids love to put little stuffed animals clipped on to their backpacks.  Recently we found the cutest little guys called Sidekix.  You can clip them to things, kick them or throw them as a ball, stick them to things as they have magnets on them, or just hug them.  Here is Evan with our cool little wolf.
 Evan thought he was super cute and was thrilled that he is blue.  Here he is all zipped up in his ball.
 Here you can see the zipper on his belly to turn him inside out to get him into the ball.  Plus you can even store things in their tummy.  I could totally see Evan putting change or some trinket in his.
 Even Fred our dog hung out with him.
 Here he is checking him out.
 The cool thing is that two friends who met at book club, got a lucky break and launched their first company in 6 months. 
Here is a video from the founders of how they came up with it and an introduction of Sidekix.  I love it!:
You can buy them here:  There are more animals coming.
Here is Evan showing you how it works.  You just unzip his belly.

 Then turn him into the ball.  It was super easy for Evan to do.
 Now he is ready to clip on to a belt loop or a backpack.
 They have a bunch of different ones.
Kick'em Endless play, Kicking and catching with friends! 
Zip 'em The zipper creates a pouch for all your treasures! 
Flip 'em What's inside? Like a "Jack in the Box" you'll be surprised! 
Clip 'em Either the ball or Sidekix form to your bag, belt or anything! 
Stick 'em Magnetic paws stick to bikes, lockers, almost anything metal!
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Disclosure:  I received this Sidekix for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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