Sunday, March 31, 2013

3/31/13: Old Navy Blogger Fashion Show

I have to admit I get a lot of super cool opportunities as a Blogger.  This weekend was no exception.  I got to be in a Fashion Show with the kids.  I mostly did it for the kids to be in the Fashion Show and was hoping I wouldn't have to be.  But then I saw the cute flattering spring dresses they have at Old Navy at Middlesex Commons and felt comfortable to get up there and strut my stuff.  The colors are beautiful and the dresses are awesome for adults and girls.  Plus the boys clothes are super cute too.
I always shop at Old Navy anyways.  They are affordable and have fashions for the whole family.  I do a lot of back to school shopping there and find their pants fit my son best.  Plus they have Angry Birds shirts which Evan loves, Hello Kitty shirts that Lauren loves and I find a lot of Mickey apparel for me.  In fact I just bought a super cute Mickey Mouse Club shirt for me for our trip to Disneyland.  Plus they have accessories, shoes, pajamas and everything you need.  
The kids were extremely excited to walk the runway.  Old Navy selected colors for each of the families and we were black and white.  Lauren was very excited about her silver sandals and Evan loved his hat.  He has been wearing the hat ever since the Fashion Show.
Old Navy provided the full outfit with accessories and shoes for us to wear in the Fashion Show.  Here are the kids getting ready to walk the runway.  I think Evan looks very handsome and Lauren looks adorable.  She was working the poses.
We got to go up on the platform and strike a pose and then walk down the runway strike another pose and walk back to the platform.  Look at those beautiful dresses behind us and they were only $20!
I love that the kids are all smiles.  They loved it, especially hearing their names be announced.
So much fun.  Old Navy has some really cute fashions for the whole family.
Here is some video of us in the Fashion Show.
What a great experience for them.  Check out the cool necklace I am wearing.  I had to buy it as I really liked it and thought it looked great with the dress which I also bought.
Here is the whole group of bloggers that participated.  I love going to these events as I get to meet many of the bloggers I communicate with online.  We are very lucky in Boston to have such a tight knit group of bloggers who all support each other.
Find Old Navy and Middlesex Commons Online:
Old Navy:
Twitter: @OldNavy
Middlesex Commons: 
Twitter: @MiddlesexCommon
 Here was the little picture they made up for the Fashion Show.
A huge thanks to Alana Brooks who is the Social Media Representative for Middlesex Commons and thanks to all the wonderful staff at Old Navy that helped before and during the Fashion Show.
Disclosure:  I was able to have a wonderful experience with my kids of being in a fashion show.  Old Navy provided all the clothes we wore for the show along with accessories and shoes.  They did provide us a discount on our purchase that day and a little token of appreciation.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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Alana said...

Gilda- thanks so much for posting this and for participating. Your kids were adorable!