Thursday, April 25, 2013

4/25/13: Peter Pan with Cathy Rigby - Great Family Entertainment

Last night I was lucky enough to attend Peter Pan with Cathy Rigby at the Citi Performing Arts Center Wang Theatre.  On top of an absolutely amazing show there was a surprise that the night brought that I would not have expected.
I love the Citi Performing Arts Center Wang Theatre.  I have attended shows there since I was a kid and I always have loved how beautiful it is.  There were tons of families attending the show and I did see some little girls dressed up as Tinker Bell and some little boys dressed up as Peter Pan which was super cute. 
 Here we are ready to start the show.  No pictures are allowed during the performance so this is one of the only pictures I got.  The sets were amazing and the pixie dust was flying.
To say that this show was amazing is an understatement.  Cathy Rigby and the whole cast are truly amazing.  Seeing Cathy fly all over the stage and still perform cool gymnastics moves is truly wonderful.  You can tell she loves playing the part and she is so good at it.  The whole cast and crew and orchestra were absolutely wonderful.  I really felt like I was a little kid being giddy seeing the characters come to life that I saw in Peter Pan when I was a kid.  Everything was so well done all the way down to Nana the dog and the dreaded Crocodile.  It is not scary for kids at all and I heard many of them talking after the show how much they loved it.
Photo Courtesy of the Peter Pan Website.
We love Peter Pan in our family.  Peter Pan holds a place near and dear in my heart since I played Peter Pan in my first Dance Recital.  In fact when we were in Disneyland I was super excited as it was the first time we got to meet Captain Hook.  I love this picture of Lauren getting her hand kissed by him.
 So awesome, I just had to share.
Ok, back to the show now.  After the show you can buy a poster for $25 and Cathy Rigby will sign it for you and pose for a picture with you.  What a great opportunity to meet a true star.
Here she is signing and as you can see she has a basket that says Boston Strong.  She was also taking up a collection for Boston. 
The very random and cool part of the night happened after the show while walking with a friend to get food at a local restaurant.  We were chatting about the show and I was specifically talking about a Twitter handle for Cathy Rigby as I was so excited she said Boston Strong during the show.  A few guys started up a conversation with me about the Twitter handle and then one said do you know this is Smee?  I was so excited to get to meet some of the cast.  Pictured here are (Left to Right) Lexy Baeza who played John Darling, Marc Andrew Nunez who played the 2nd Twin in the Lost Boys and James Leo Ryan who played Smee.  How awesome is that?  They were so awesome to talk to and gracious enough to take this picture with me.
 The show will be in Boston, MA until the 28th so get your tickets now and go see it with your family.  They will love it!  Buy tickets here:
For Tour Dates in other locations go here:
Follow the Show here to get all the latest information:
Twitter:  @peterpantour
Disclosure: I received a family four pack of tickets for the show to promote it. All opinions are my own and no other compensation was received.

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