Tuesday, April 30, 2013

4/30/13: Alexander Doll Company Celebrates Their 90th Anniversary

The Alexander Doll Company celebrated their 90th Anniversary today and I was invited to their celebration in New York.  Unfortunately I could not attend but I wanted to share the news with you.  Look at this beautiful Madame Alexander-1923 which is Cissy as Madame Alexander, dressed as she would’ve been in 1923 when she began the company.  And as she is the Madame, renowned doll maker, she comes with two very sweet little cloth dolls.  It is amazing the detail on these dolls.
Love is in the Details. This was the mantra of Madame Beatrice Alexander when she began her doll business in 1923.  The company has grown to include collectibles, play and baby dolls for girls of all ages! For this 90th Anniversary, the Collectible category takes on special significance with an assortment of six unique dolls.  Here is Cissette Celebrates Madame’s 90th Anniversary who has blue eyes and upswept, curly red hair.
Here is Wendy™ with a Tony Sarg inspired marionette theater.  How beautiful this doll is.
This one is my favorite, it is Wend dressed to the nines to commemorate the anniversary. Of course, each doll arrives beautifully boxed with a commemorative hang tag and Certificate of Authenticity. 
Maggie With Funny is super cute too.  Maggie With Funny are ready for…what else…some fun! 
McGuffey Ana is a pretty little miss.
Madame Alexander continues the celebration with dolls marking the 75th Anniversary of two iconic movies, The Wizard of Oz™ and Gone With the Wind™, which were among the company's first and longest continuous licenses. There are three ”must-have” doll sets for any Wizard of O collector and here is the Glinda the Good Witch.
 And Dorothy with three poppy dolls!  Aren't these beautiful?
For Gone With the Wind's™ 75th Anniversary, the company has created a breathtaking 21” Scarlett O’Hara™ resplendent in her white ruffled Prayer Dress. 
How excited would your daughter be if she got this for her Dance Recital.
They also have cool characters from Fancy Nancy, Pinkalicious, and Angelina Ballerina and so much more.  This is just a sampling of their beautiful dolls.
Plus I just have to mention some Disney Princesses too!
Here is a collectible Cinderella.
 Plus some washable dolls for little ones.  This is just a sampling.  You can check out all of their dolls on their website.
Alexander Doll Company was founded in 1923 by Beatrice Alexander, designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of dolls - collectible, fashion, baby and play, as well as related accessories. In addition to their own brands, Madame Alexander™ and Middleton Doll Newborn Nursey™, the company holds numerous licenses including, but not limited to Disney®, Wizard of Oz™, Gone with the Wind™, Fancy Nancy™, Pinkalicious™, Angelina Ballerina™, Eloise™, Pan Am and American Ballet Theatre™. 
Disclosure:  No compensation was received for this post.  All opinions are my own.

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