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5/18/14: Evan's Minecraft Laser Tag Birthday at MVP

I love having fun birthday parties for my kids and each year I struggle trying to decide on a place to have it.  This year we had his part at Merrimack Valley Pavilion and the kids had a blast!
We chose the MVP Ultimate Party which includes a Laser Tag Game, Mini Golf, a jumbo slice of pizza, unlimited fountain drinks, use of a private party room, 20 arcade tokens for each guest, 35 tokens for the birthday child, make your own sundae, all paper goods, utensils and cups.  You can see all party options here.
I liked that they don't start the laser tag game right away.  When kids arrive thy are given tokens and play some arcade games.  They don't start the laser tag game until 20 minutes later to give people time to arrive.
The kids raced each other.
Played a Terminator game.
Big Winner!!!  500 tickets!
Winning some more tickets.
The kids were loving it.
There is even basketball and skee ball.
Lauren was excited.  She won this on one of the claw games!
Here you can see more of the arcade.
Then at 20 past we headed in to Laser Tag.  The kids were excited and ready to go.  They all put on their laser tag vests and were randomly put on teams.  The red against the blue team.
It is pretty cool in the Jungle Laser Tag area.  There is this cool boat and the kids can go up ramps.
Evan and his blue team.  They play for 15 minutes then get brought back in to a separate room to see their scores and then randomize the teams again and go back in for the second 15 minute round.
The kids loved it.
Here you can see the Laser Tag vests.
The kids had so much fun!
Then we went in to the party room for pizza, cake and ice cream sundaes.I also like that it is one stop shopping.  You don't have to order pizza or bring drinks as they provide them and have them right there.  They also provide utensils, and paper products.  Usually I need to bring some of that and it can add up.
Here is a photo of the full party room.  If you have a larger party this opens in to a larger room.
Minecraft is super hot right now but the only issue is that there are no party supplies for it.  I saw that Jazwares had Minecraft figures and decided to use those for the cake and it was perfect.
I also made my own Good bags by using green bags and cutting out eyes and mouths from black construction paper to make them look like Creepers.  The kids loved them.
Happy Birthday to You Evan!
Time to blow out the candles.
This time we remembered to get a family picture.  Usually we forget.
Then it was time to make your own sundaes.  All the kids got to pick out what flavor of ice cream they wanted and they could put toppings on it.
 The birthday coordinator went around and asked them what flavors they wanted.  Then they all went up and got their ice cream to put toppings on.
 Here is the full toppings bar.
 Here you can see some of the full seating and food area.
The kids then took their tickets and exchanged them for prizes.
 Last but not least the kids got to play a round of mini golf.  The weather was beautiful and it was perfect to go out and enjoy it.
 The kids all lined up to go.
 Excited to play mini golf.
 Evan having fun.
 It is a beautiful course.
 The kids thought the waterfall was pretty cool.
 Lauren and her friend doing the Hula.
 Evan peeking out from behind the waterfall on one of the holes.
 So pretty.
 Love the palm trees.
 Love these guys.
There is even a beautiful place outside for people to sit when they get ice cream or pizza.  Or just take a rest while playing mini golf.
 Love the scenery.
 The kids had such a blast!  They loved playing arcade games, laser tag and mini golf.  It was the perfect party!
 Here are more pictures.
galiberti's Evan 9th Birthday Party at MVP album on Photobucket
I highly suggest checking out Merrimack Pavilion!  It is an awesome place to go for a day or for an event.
Find Merrimack Valley Pavilion online here:
They are at 2087 Main Street, Tewksbury, MA
Twitter: @playatmvp
Make sure to print coupons before you go:
Find Jazwares at 
Follow them on Twitter:  @Jazwares
Disclosure:  I received a discount on our Birthday Party at Merrimack Valley Pavilion.  I also received the Steve and Endermen figures for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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