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5/28/14: Makeover Reveal from Anthony David Salon

A few months ago I posted that I was a finalist for a makeover from the Anthony David Salon in Burlington, MA.  I am happy to report that I got it thanks to all of you who voted for me!  Out of 60 people 2 other lovely ladies and I were selected for a wonderful makeover.  I was extremely excited!  Being a Mom of two, part-time Project Manager, PTO President, volunteer judge for FTC FIRST Robotics competitions, and running a blog has made me forget about me for a while.
Photos credit to Kate Ackermann Photography
Not only did I have my hair colored, highlighted and cut but I was treated to much more.  First I went to Dr. Janiene Gresla DDS of Burlington who cleaned my teeth and gave me an hour Zoom Teeth Whitening treatment!  By looking at this picture you can see how white my teeth got!  It was amazing and so easy.  I just sat comfortably in a chair as she applied a gel on to my teeth and let the light stay on for intervals of 15 minutes.  Every 15 minutes the gel was wiped off and reapplied.  My teeth were a bit sensitive for about two days but after that they were fine.
Next I went to Eileen Fisher in Burlington to see Kathy Keady.  Three women helped find an outfit for me and provided everything from head to toe.  They were so wonderful there.  The store is located right in Wayside Commons and I can't say enough about how helpful they were.  Check out how beautiful this outfit is!  

It is a tank, skirt and overlay.  It is extremely comfortable and well made.  The skirt and tank are great staple pieces to mix and match with anything.  I also have a white jacket that looks cute with it.  The shoes are super comfortable too!
With my teeth whitened and outfit in hand I then went to the Anthony David Salon.  Right when you walk in it feels like a high end salon that you would experience on Newbury Street in Boston, but it is in the Suburbs and reasonably priced!
I had already been to the salon once where all of the hairdressers consulted on my hair and what they wanted to do.  The owner Anthony himself had the final say.
One thing in particular that I loved was the all-natural products they used for coloring my hair.  Usually my eyes are tearing up as I have an allergic reaction to the chemical-based coloring treatments I generally have. Anthony is also one of a few colorists in the country to use NaYo, a revolutionary yogurt-based, hair coloring system.  It is free of ammonia, PPD dyes and unpleasant aromas.  What a transformation.  
I love this picture that my son took of me.  He was my little paparazzi.
Not only did I get my hair done but I also got my eye brows waxed (a first for me), makeup applied, and fake eyelashes put on (another first for me).
What a difference it made in my eyes!

After all that Kate Ackermann Photography of Wilmington came in to take pictures of me.  She did such a wonderful job.  She is a Mom too so she understood my feeling of generally being behind the camera taking pictures of the kids and not being in front of the camera.
Here are my before and after photos!
Here is another before with my hair down.  I can always tell when it is getting too long as I tend to put it up in a clip all the time.
My kids were there for the big reveal at the salon to see what I looked like.  They loved it and said I looked so pretty.
A HUGE THANKS to Anthony Vitale for offering such a wonderful experience to me.  He and his staff at the Anthony David Salon were absolutely wonderful and made me feel like a Queen!  I could not be more pleased with the results and I am extremely thankful for being nominated and getting to have the experience of a lifetime.
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Disclosure:  I was provided with my outfit from Eileen Fisher, Teeth Whitening from Dr. Janiene Gresla, Hair and Makeup from the Anthony David Salon, and photography from Kate Ackermann Photography.

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