Wednesday, October 29, 2014

10/29/14: Win a PomTree Craft Kit

We love doing crafts!  They are a great way for kids to let out their creative side and have fun making something.  My biggest issue with most crafts is that they are messy!  There is glue involved or glitter and you know that it ends up more on the table and floor than on the craft.  When I found PomTree I was in love as everything has a sticky back so there is no mess!!!  Here are some great craft kids, plus I am giving you a chance to win one of the kits in this post.  Read on to win!
 We received several sets.  I am going to start with the Pom Pals: Mommy and Baby Owl kit.  All the pieces are self sticking so it is easy to use.
 Lauren was having fun with the big eyes.
 Basically you pull the sticky backing off the pieces and put them right on to the big fluffy ball.  I can say is she's so fluffy!!!!
 Evan was getting in to it too and checking out the craft.
We did find on some of the pieces I had a hard time peeling the backing paper off without pulling off the sticky part.  This especially happened on the wings and the feet.  Be extra careful that the backing paper doesn't pull of the sticky piece.  On many pieces I had to help my daughter with this.
It makes the Mommy and Baby.  The baby's beak is very small so make sure you don't lose it.
Here it is as packaged.  At $13 it is an affordable super cute project to do with kids.  All kits can be purchased at Consumer Crafts.
We also received a super cute Felt Pillow Puff Kit: Felt Puppy and Bone Pillow Puff.  This set makes it look like the doggy is stitched together but it is all self stick!  Here is what it comes with.
You start by sticking the white stuffing in to the dog body and putting the ears and tail on.  Then you just stick it together and add the rest of the pieces.  This set we didn't have as many problems with removing the backing paper.
 Here is the finished product.  Again a super cute and mess-free project.
Here it is as packaged and retails for $13.
 Evan decided the Owl and Puppy had to hang out.
Last but not least is a Pom Jewelry Kit.  This set leaves everything to your child's imagination and they can make many different types of jewelry including rings, key chains, bracelets and more.
 It comes with over 400 pieces including pony beads, foam charms, felt shapes, pom pom beads and satin cord.
 Lauren was having fun making all kinds of things.
 She particularly liked her bracelet.
 Now she is making a key chain.
 She really likes her creations.
Here it is as packaged and retails for $10.
 This kit contains hours of fun as there are infinite possibilities as to what you can make.
 Want to win one of these kits?  You can pick any one from this post  or the PomTree Mommy and Baby Bird Pom Pals Kit, or the PomTree Felt Kitty and Mouse Pillow Puff Kit.  Enter below.
Disclosure:  I received these craft sets for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.
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megan tilley said...

the bird

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the puppy

rachel jenkins said...

Id love to win the owl :D
super cute!!

Shannon F said...

I would choose the Pom Pals: Mommy and Baby Owl kit!

Audrey Griffis said...

i just love the big owl