Monday, October 6, 2014

10/5/14: Chatsters Interactive Doll from Spin Master

Kids these days have some very cool toys to play with.  In this digital age even the toys are interactive and have cool technology in them.  Starting off my Holiday Gift Guide 2014 is Chatsters Gabby from Spin Master.  From the second she arrived I knew Lauren was going to have a blast with her.  I also know this is going to be on many young girls wish lists.
She arrived in the most adorable house.  Lauren couldn't wait to take her out and start playing.
Here she is as packaged and you can see Lauren with a big smile on her face.  What is not to like?  A friend that likes to dance, get makeovers, play games, and interact with you.  This is a little girl's dream.  They also sent us the cute little purple glasses so Lauren can match Gabby.
Gabby is pretty cool.  To get her ready to play you just need to put two AA batteries in to each of her boots and turn the switch to on.
She is now ready to play with you.  
She talks to you and has many accessories including her dog Sprinkles, phone, smoothie, cupcake, lipstick, bow and brush.
You can interact with her by touching on the heart on the corner of her glasses.  She will give you options on the right and left eye and you can chose.
There are many ways to interact with her.  First off like any typical girl she loves getting makeovers.  You can change her lip color by holding up the lipstick to her lips.
She also gets thirsty and needs a sip of her smoothie.
You can put makeup on her, trim her bangs.
Fix her hair.
The most fun Lauren had with her was texting back and forth with her.  There is a simple app you can download to interact with her.  When she gets a call or text you just put her phone up to her mouth.
Here she is with her cell phone in her hand.
Lauren was having a lot of fun interacting with the app.
Lauren was having fun chatting with her and interacting with her games.  Games appear on her eyes.
Here is some video of Lauren interacting with her.  This just shows some of what she does.
Here you can see options to tell her if you are happy or sad.
Here is Lauren interacting with some of the games.
What a cool toy that I think many young girls are going to want this holiday season.
Lauren has been having a great time with her.  This is definitely going to be a hot toy this holiday season so get yours now!
Stay tuned for Spin Master's Zoomer Dino review.
Find Spin Master Chatsters online: 
Twitter: @Chatsters #Chatsters

Disclosure:  I received this toy for review purposes. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own. 

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Loretta Boronat said...

Kids these days are really gifted with lots of cool toys. Hahaha! With the recent emphasis on innovation, culture work and intellect in the design and structure of those figures, they will be more encouraged to be more creatively active, instead of sedentary. It's really good that it also applies to dolls. Thanks for sharing that! All the best!

Loretta Boronat @ My Sibling and My Pal Dolls