Sunday, March 8, 2015

3/8/15: Dance Ovations Dance Competition

Yesterday we had Lauren's second dance competition, Dance Ovations.  The theme of the competition is "Forever Friends" and I love the message they had to all competitors.  It had a family feel to it even though it was a competition.  Our dance school did amazingly well with highest average points for the studio and "Spectrum of Excellence award to our awesome teachers and dancers!  Here is our Junior Jazz routine to Doctor Doctor that Lauren dances in which got a High Gold and was invited to compete in Nationals!!! 
The group did so awesome performing.
The kids were so funny before messing around and having fun.
Love this.
Lauren was having a great day.  The whole day is an experience for the dancers.  They get to hang out with their friends and have a great time.
Here is their Bellhop Boogie Tap group.  They also took High Gold, plus they got an overall points award and a special award called "Radio City in the House".
They also had an inspirational performance and gave a special award and all the dancers and audience gave a standing ovation.
Lauren was excited she got to pick up our award for Doctor Doctor.
Here is her Bellhop Boogie group accepting their special award.  The judge went on to talk about their great use of song, props and lovely dancing.
With an awesome kick line at the end of their routine it wasn't surprising they got the "Rockettes in the House" award.
They brought up their teacher also when they got the overall high score award.
Here is Lauren with the award for Doctor Doctor.
Not only did her individual performances receive all those awards but our dance school took home the award for the school with the highest points overall.  What an amazing day for all the dancers and teachers!!!
A huge thanks to all the teachers at Ellens School of Dance!!!!  What an amazing first competition season for Lauren!

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curtis03 Lewis said...

How amazing Dance competition it was!! Loved watching these photographs from this event! My son also loves dance. In the next moth he is going to participate in an international kid’s dance competition. This event is going to be held at some outdoor Los Angeles event venues. I hope for the best!