Monday, March 9, 2015

3/9/15: Performing in the School Talent Show

I am so proud of Lauren, she did the school Talent Show this year!  Lauren is an awesome performer and has wonderful talent in baton twirling and dance however never wanted to do the school talent show.  She performs in recitals, shows, and competitions but was nervous to perform in front of her peers solo.  I can totally understand as I remember how I felt performing my solo in shows at school.  I am so happy this year that she decided to do it.  She did a baton twirling and knife (don't worry it is not sharp) twirling routine to the song Conga.  I did my first Talent Show at school to the same song twirling the same knife.  She was one of the Winners!!!!
Here are the other Kindergarten through second grade performers.  They all have so much courage to get up and perform and all as soloists.
Here is Luaren doing her routine.  She was fantastic!  I think it also helped that her 2nd grade teacher was the Emcee for the show and she wanted to show her the cool things she does with her baton.  In fact when she was Star of the Week she said she wants to grow up and be a professional baton twirler!
I guess I should have aimed the camera higher, her baton is up in the air.
Here you can see it in mid toss.
She had no drops!!!
Smiling for the judges.
Another one mid toss.
Her finger twirls.
Her split was really good too.
Horizontal toss.
Ever time she performs my nerves kick in for her remembering my fear when performing.  I think my hands were shaking.
Now with her knife twirling.
She did awsome as it is pretty heavy.
Here is some video of the performance.
Here she is with some of the performers after they were done.
She sure does have talent!
I love this picture with her friends.
Great job Lauren, I hope she performs every year!

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