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5/19/15: Evan's Ultimate Birthday Party at Merrimack Valley Pavilion

Every year we struggle trying to figure out a place to have the kids birthday parties.  This year I asked Evan where he wanted to have his 10th birthday party and without even a second thought he yelled Merrimack Valley Pavilion!  If you have not been there you are missing out.  It is fun for kids and adults.
We selected the MVP Ultimate Party which is 2 and a half hours and includes a Laser Tag Game, Mini Golf, a jumbo slice of pizza, unlimited fountain drinks, use of a private party room, 20 arcade tokens for each guest, 35 tokens for the birthday child, make your own sundae, all paper goods, utensils and cups.  
You can see all party options here.
The first 20 minutes they let the kids trickle in before going in to the laser tag game.
 The kids headed in to the arcade game area and started using their tokens.
I chose to make little Minecraft bags for all the kids and put their names on them so that they could store their tickets.  They didn't have time to put their tickets in to the machine and get a print out of how many tickets they have so this was a good way to have all of their tickets organized.
 Here you can see the bags I made up close.
Here you can see some of the arcade games.
 The boys love the racing games.
 Here are the girls having fun.  
 Shooting games are always a big hit.
Then they were called for the laser tag game.  Time to have some fun.  They were first brought in to a room to watch a quick video with the rules of the game.  They then move to another room and get their vests that are randomly set to the blue or red team.  Evan really wanted to be on a team with one of his friends and the girls wanted to be together so we made some quick switches which was just the MVP person changing their colors.
 They were armed and ready to go!
Here you can see a cool boat in the laser tag area.
 Lauren shooting.  They play for 15 minutes then get brought back in to a separate room to see their scores and then randomize the teams again and go back in for the second 15 minute round.
 Cool guy in the laser tag area.
 The whole area is black lighted.
 Here you can see the Laser Tag vests.
The kids had so much fun!
Then we headed back in to our party room for food.  We started out with pizza.  They also give you options for what drinks you want.  I never like giving kids soda so I opted for the Blue Powerade and Fruit Punch.  Plus they also give a pitcher of water.  They refill these also.  Our party coordinator did an awesome job and checked in on us frequently.  The manager was also checking in on us.
After that we had cake.  I had made a Minecraft cake.  I love making cakes and I thought this one came out super cute.
 Evan ready to blow out the candles on the cake.
Here you can see a closer picture of the cake.
Then it was time to make their own sundaes.  The birthday coordinator went around earlier in the party and asked them what type of ice cream they wanted.  Then they could head over to the toppings bar and add to their creation.
 So much fun and yummy.
Then the kids headed over to pick out their prizes from their tickets.
 Here you can see the prizes.
It was such a beautiful day and perfect for mini golf.  If the weather doesn't cooperate you also have the option to do two laser tag games.
The kids were excited to play.  Of course there were a few balls that landed in the water but we were able to rescue them.
It is so pretty there.
 We split up the kids in to two teams of 4 and a team of 2 with the girls.
 The girls having fun.
They also will be opening a ropes course very soon.  It is fully built they are just waiting for final approval.  This area will be $6 per person for two loops or a maximum of 30 minutes and is recommended for kids 4-12.
 Love this picture in the cave looking out.  One of the mini golf holes is in here.
This area is so much fun.
There is also a nice seating area that looks on to the mini golf course.
Here is another view.
 Evan had an awesome party!  Everyone had a blast!
 I highly suggest checking out Merrimack Pavilion!  It is an awesome place to go for a day or for an event.
Find Merrimack Valley Pavilion online here:  http://www.playatmvp.com/
They are at 2087 Main Street, Tewksbury, MA
Twitter: @playatmvp

Disclosure:  I received a discount on our Birthday Party at Merrimack Valley Pavilion.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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