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6/1/15: Dave and Buster's Now Open in Woburn MA

I am always looking for fun places to take the kids, especially on rainy days.  This past weekend we were lucky enough to get to check out the new Dave and Buster's that opened in Woburn, MA on May 26th and had an awesome time.
I had never been to a Dave and Buster's and I was very impressed.  Not only is there awesome food, great drinks, but there are also 170 popular games to play!
It is quite a large facility and we spent about 4 hours there.
We started out with food.  You can make a reservation or put your name in for a table when you get there.  It was a busy day when we were there so we were lucky to have a reservation.  We ate in an awesome area with lots of big TVs.  There are massive high-definition televisions throughout to make for the ultimate sports watching experience.
The menu has a ton on it including the Mountain O’ Nachos, Pretzel Dogs, Bacon-Wrapped Sirloin Medallions, Grilled Shrimp, and the Legendary Burger lineup.  You can check out the full menu here.  Here is one of the salads that I ordered.

 These are the Honey Barbecue Wings that were really good. 
 Lauren got the Pretzel Dogs as her Kid's meal.
I think one of the highlights for me was the cool drinks they have.  They have grown up snow cones.  They also put strawberry flavored ice cubes in their Strawberry Watermelon Margarita which looked amazing.
Here you can see the bar area.  You can seat yourself there and order food.
There are also three function spaces that look like this that have dividers that can be opened in to one large function space.  This is a great place for kids birthday parties, graduation parties, corporate functions and more.
 This is another restaurant area.
Now on to the best part, the games!  There are so many games!  170 new popular games.  The best part is no tokens or tickets involved (except for a few select games).  You play with your power card which stores your credits and your tickets.  What I liked about it as that many adults are playing games so I don't feel guilty playing.  At other kids arcades I always feel weird playing the games but they are a lot of fun.
Here you can see the pricing structure.  There are also meals that include a Power Card so check that out too.  Make sure to look at the Promos Page also to see what promotions are going on.  Games range from 3 to 10 chips.  The games have strange values for some reason.  For example they are 4.6 chips, or 6.2, or 9.2.  It is easy to go through your chips very quickly depending on which chip level game you are playing.  I tried to steer the kids toward the 6.5 chip and under games.
One of their promotions for summer is that you can get one FREE play on Jurassic Park Arcade™, Candy Crush Saga™ and Subway Surfers when you purchase or reload a Power Card of $10 or more!  Make sure you take advantage of this.
Each month they will rotate to a different three new games that are free.  Lauren was having a great time playing games.

 There are racing games which Evan loves.
 Fruit Ninja which my kids love.
 Lauren was very excited to win a Jackpot of 500 tickets on this game!
Here you can see how it applies the tickets to the card.  We actually earned quite a few tickets.  Between our 4 cards we had 4405 tickets at the end of our game play.
Lauren playing one of the fun games.
  There are sports games.  This is a really high tech Basketball game.
There is even Air Hockey.
 Here are some more of the games that line the sides.
 This Transformer game looked awesome!
We love these ones where coins fall down.  Most of these also gave tickets on your card.  
Some others like a Wizard of Oz one gave some tokens that were Blue and Orange.  Those can be turned in with your Power Cards for tickets.
This is my favorite game.  I get addicted to playing it.
 This Dark Escape game looked pretty cool.  The kids didn't want to play but I should have tried it.  The kids heard screams from inside the game booth.

 There is Skee-Ball.
Lauren having fun with one of the fishing games.
Then of course the best part is trading in your tickets for winnings.  They had a lot of options for all ticket levels.  Their prizes were definitely a higher quality than most arcades I have seen.  There were stuffed animals, Apple products, Xbox games, sports memorabilia, T-shirts, electric guitars and more! 

Dave and Buster's is fun for the whole family.  We had a blast and can't wait to return.
Visit them online at
Twitter: @daveandbusters and @@DNBWOBURN

Disclosure:  I was provided a meal and credits for games for my family for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and as always all opinions are my own.

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