Sunday, June 21, 2015

6/21/15: Fellowes Saturn Laminator From Shoplet

There are so many items that I want to protect like art that the kids make, pictures, newspaper articles and more.  Recently I was lucky enough to receive the Fellowes Saturn 3i 95 Laminator from Shoplet and it works great and is so easy to use. 
Here is the laminator out of the package.  I was worried it would be difficult to setup, but it was super easy.  Basically I had one metal piece to hook on the back for output, then plug it in and turn it on.  That was it!
Once turned on the lights all cycled through and then about a minute later it beeped and the 3 mil stayed lit up.  Now you know it is ready to use.  It also comes with some laminator pouches so I was already to go.  My kids art had just come home from school so I thought they would be some great items to start with.
First I put in an art piece my son made.  All I had to do was put the art piece in to the lamination pouch.  Then line it up with the feed for the paper size with the sealed portion going in first.
The paper feeds itself through and is done laminating within under a minute.
Here is our first finished product.  This will come in handy for school also as I am the President of the PTO.  One of our coordinators for the holiday fair recently went to a local copy store and paid $50 for laminating volunteer tags. We can use this for many events at school.  I know next year I will be using it for the Art Show I run for the grade labels that I end up reprinting every year.
Then Lauren decided she wanted to laminate one of her art pieces.
It was so easy she could do it.
Shoplet has awesome office supplies and office stationary but they also sell promotional products.  They even sell medical supplies.
Here is the laminator as packaged.  It is a great tool and we will be using it for many items.
Disclosure:  I received the Fellowes Laminator for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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