Monday, August 11, 2008

8/10/08: She's Crafty

Ok, if you listen to the Beastie Boys my Title should be familiar...
In addition to my cake making addiction, have I mentioned my craft addiction? I think it is related to the kids doing crafts...I have gotten into it too. Usually at every holiday we do a craft and have done crafts at our Birthday Parties (Castles with the kids pictures in them, Crowns, Trains, and Mouse Ears) and Halloween Parties (Halloween Magnets). I find the kids enjoy it and look forward to doing a craft at the party. My only issue is many times the Engineer in me comes out and I feel that everything has to be symmetric. I find myself leading Evan to move things to certain areas of the page...but I digress.
This is my latest. I used the shells we found at Sunset Beach and made three frames from them with the kids pictures.
And one of Lauren
And one of Evan
And my obsession with Scrapbooking. These are all the ones I have done for the kids. I also just did a Vacation album. They are getting a bit out of hand. John keeps saying he is going to have to build me shelves for all of them. Lauren's 1st year album was 64 pages (two-sided, so really 128)...what can I say, I take a lot of pictures. Hopefully they will appreciate it someday. Did I mention that I hated Art class?

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Adrienne said...

I long for the day that I will have beautiful wood built ins to hold all my books!! LOVE the sea shell frames, too!