Thursday, August 28, 2008

8/27/08: A playdate and some Marionettes

We had a play date with Claire today. Claire and Lauren will go to school some day together. Gilda and John went to school with Claire's Mom and Dad at WPI, and Gilda worked with Claire's Mom Brooke at PTC.
Then we went to the Concert and kids show at Ipswich Park again this week to see our buddies Jack and Chase. This week it was a Marionette show. The kids were enthralled by it.
Lauren got really into the roller skating bunny.
Don't ask me why Evan would want to hug Humpfry Dumpty but he wanted to. He kept going up and shaking his hand and hugging him. If you ask me this thing is super scary looking. I guess he just had fond memories from going to Storyland.

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