Wednesday, September 10, 2008

9/10/08: Gym and Swim at the Y

Today was Lauren and Evan's 1st day of class for the Fall at the YMCA in Reading. Lauren is taking a Gym and Swim class. 1/2 hour in the gym and 1/2 hour in the pool. She loved it. Evan had his first swim class on his own without Daddy and loved it too.
More gym time.
Having fun.
Swim class with Mommy is all done. That was lots of fun! She loved splashing her hands in the water and kicking her legs.
And Evan was a big kid and went in the pool for class by himself! He did great. The teacher said he followed all the directions. Mommy and Lauren could see him from the other side of the pool as they were in class. He was kicking away, jumping in the pool and swimming like a fishy.

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