Sunday, September 7, 2008

9/7/08: Evan's 1st day of Soccer

Today was Evan's 1st day of Soccer. He had a great time! They did some fun drills today passing the ball back and forth to others, playing Red Light/Green Light, taking all the balls and getting them into the net, running backwards and then running with the ball, learning to walk like a duck to move the ball and then a short game.
Here he is with his Team's Assistant Coach (and Daddy) after practice. (John was just recently promoted to Coach from Assistant).
He learned to walk like a Duck to move the ball.
He picked #2 for his shirt. He is on Team #40.
Water break, it was a warm one.
Here are the kids learning to play Red Light Green Light with the ball and how to stop it when the Coach says Red light.
Having fun!

Here is a video of him trying to kick the ball to one of the coaches.

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