Sunday, October 17, 2010

10/17/10: Krochmal Farms Safe Trick or Treat Hayride

Today we went to Krochmal Farms for the Safe Trick or Treat Hayride. This was our first time there, usually we have gone to Smolak Farms for their trick or treat hayride but this year we figured we would try some place new. The kids really liked the hayride and seeing all the characters including Barney, Elmo, Scooby, Scrapy, Mickey, Minnie, Pooh, Tigger, Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Blue's Clues Doggy - Blue, and Joe. Plus there were animals, pony rides, a corn maze and pumpkin patch.
Here they are posing in their costumes.
Posing at home.
Posing with Fred.
Looking cute.
Here the kids are trick or treating on the hayride. Here is Blue complete with Blue paw prints leading up to him.
Evan getting a pumpkin.
And Elmo.
Mickey who was very excited to see our wagon.
And Minnie.
And Tigger too....
Lauren looking cute in the Pumpkin patch.
Evan looking cute too.
Lauren taking a pony ride.
And Evan with all the Turkeys crowded around him.
What a fun time for the kids and close to home. What a nice family friendly Halloween activity.

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