Sunday, October 24, 2010

10/24/10: Evan and Lauren's 5th Annual Monster Mash

We had another successful Monster Mash Party. All the kids had a great time. We made candy necklaces, decorated cookies and ate lots of yummy food. Here are some of the kids (missing a lot of kids, but I tried)

Evan greeting guests as they arrive.

Evan and Lauren all ready to party.

The baked goods Mommy made. The graveyard cake was a hit with everyone.
Snow White, Lightning McQueen Pit Crew, and Alice in Wonderland.
Craft time. The kids made candy necklaces.
They had a lot of fun.
Lauren liked eating it. The kids ready to decorate cookies.
Decorating cookies, yum!
Cookies! Sugar, sugar and more sugar.
Time for Snow White to drink a beer now that the party is done! She did a lot of work today without the seven dwarfs to help her.

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