Friday, February 18, 2011

2/18/11: Toy Story 3 on Ice Fun

We had a great time at Disney on Ice as we always do. Toy Story 3 was a big hit with the kids so they were really looking forward to this show. Lauren was so excited to get dressed up like Jessie and Evan as Woody. They looked adorable and Lauren was dancing happily during the show. I especially liked the Barbie and Ken section of the show and when Buzz spoke Spanish. It was really funny, I heard many adults laughing hysterically.
There is still time to go to the show and enjoy the fun. You can still use my code of MOMTOY to get discounted tickets as I posted earlier.
What a fun show for everyone, especially with school vacation. I highly recommend taking the family.
Lauren hugging Jessie during the show. She didn't let go of her the whole show. It was adorable.

Evan intently watching. Evan had Buzz with him.

Here is a slideshow of the show.

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