Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2/9/11: Slacker Mom or Burnt Out?

Lauren had her Valentine's Day party at daycare today and it exposed something about me which gave both me and my daycare provider a laugh given the former Gilda. The day has come that I was the slacker Mom of the group. Lauren came home with her bag of loot from the party receiving books/candy/cards/goodies from all the kids, and what had I sent? A simple Princess Valentine with a glitter sticker. But am I the slacker? It could be viewed that way, but instead I think I have gotten a little burnt out. There are so many parties and things going on. Evan has a party at school, Lauren has a party at school and at daycare. I was just happy to get the kids to write out that many Valentine's. Between all the kids at school, daycare, and friends there were so many. I do remember in the past us making cute little heart pins for everyone at daycare. But, that was when I just had the kids at daycare to give to.

Note that I am the one that has volunteered for every party at preschool over the last 3 years, and goes crazy planning birthday parties. I always ensure there is a theme with matching music, cake, handmade candy, decorations and well thought out crafts/favors. I made personalized CDs the last two years for Lauren's birthday and last year made my most challenging cake.
And even made two cakes for Evan's birthday and cupcakes for the party and for the fire fighters.
And one year took hours to make this invitation with Evan's face.
I went as far as to have toilet paper with paw prints on it for Evan's 1st birthday with a Blue's Clues theme. I make sure to do crafts for every holiday, scrapbook for both kids, and blog about them.

I continue to stay involved now by being part of Evan's kindergarten parent teacher association. I volunteered at the Holiday Fair, designed the buttons, and now got signed up to be the coordinator for the Art Fair.

This is a lovely flashback picture of the kid's first Valentine's day together.
Luckily this morning as I lay in bed I remembered it was the Valentine's party today and made sure to switch out the all brown outfit with a red dress. Wow the embarrassment if I forgot to put an appropriate red outfit on her too. (Note again I am the one that makes sure the kids have outfits to match every thing we go to - Zoo they wear animal clothes, Disney obviously character clothes, etc). It gives me a laugh that I am maybe relaxing my expectations of myself and don't have to do it all. I have been known as an Activity Mom, but a slacker, I think not. I guess we are all entitled to have an off day.
Oh how the mighty have fallen. :-)


Brooke said...

It's called being human. You make the rest of us moms normally look like slackers, so its good to see you coming back down to earth a little. :-) Relax, I'm sure you'll be back to being Activity Mom in no time...

Liz said...

YOU CRACK ME UP! I, too, feel like the slacker sometime and my kids lives, compared to yours, can't compare. I can tell you one thing, though. When I was going through all of the goodies from daycare, I did open each valentine that the kids got. I was taken aback that Lauren signed hers (maybe she did this last year, too, but I was extermly sleep deprived this time last year with a one month old). It made my heart skip a beat and I was very proud of her and YOU! It also made me imagine that one day Luke & Lily will be doing that soon, and that's when I started to cry. So you made me crack tonight. Hope this story makes you feel a little better about slacking off. :P

Dorene said...

Sean's preschool starts at 9AM. We started making his cards at 7:45 AM. I was about to give up and send him without when the printer wasn't working.