Friday, February 25, 2011

2/25/11: School Vacation Week = Fun and Sleepovers

School vacation week, a time for fun for kids and tired parents. We have been keeping busy during the vacation with our trip to the Shriner's for the petting Zoo, Disney on Ice, two trips to Chuck E Cheese, a trip to the Discovery Children's Museum in Acton and a failed attempt at a trip in to the Museum of Science in Boston. We tried to venture there today, but there was a ton of rain, the garage was full, and the place looked packed. A bad combination. Most of our activities were still on also so we had those this week too.
The kids had their first sleepover. Lauren slept in Evan's room. It was so adorable to hear them talking. I almost wished I had put a video camera in there to record it.

Here we were at the Discovery Museum in Acton. We have been there many times, note the difference in these photos from a visit in 2008. In this one Lauren is behind a bubble.
And playing in the water area.

We then went to Friendly's for some food. Ok, can I ask but is it not true that every Friendly's has terrible service??? I have never been to one and gotten out of there in less than an hour.

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