Tuesday, May 17, 2011

5/12/11: Happy Mother's Day to Me!

We had a wonderful Mother's Day.  Here I am with all my babies (ok, they are not babies any more but always will be to me).  Fred the dog was adorable.  He was standing to the side and I said come on Fred, do you want to be in the picture and he walked right over.  Considering he was my first baby he should be in the picture.
 All the lovely homemade gifts the kids made me.  They were all so beautiful.  Evan wrote a little book in which he said "My Mother is nice", "My Mother gives good hugs", "My Mother is good at games", and a few more.  Super cute!
 The balloon the kids got me.
 And the flowers they picked out for me.  John also got me flowers.  They are all so beautiful!  And my parents got me a gift card for a massage which is much needed.
What a great Mother's Day! 

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Misfit Mommy said...

Okay, VERY jealous about the massage! The kids are so cute! Jack made me a card in Preschool that he had to fill in the blanks. One of them said "My mom's very favorite thing to do is...CLEAN" Obviously, the boy needs to be re-programmed...