Monday, May 16, 2011

5/16/11: A Fun Griswold Family Road Trip

We love to take roadtrips.  One we have taken twice is to Sunset Beach in North Carolina.  Here are some blog posts about itAnd yes that is a real Tiger.
We have a great time at the beach there.
And we have a ton of kids there.
Of course on a family road trip you need snacks.  My kids know that I love Twizzlers.  At Halloween they will make sure to pick Twizzlers at some of the houses to give them to me.
 In fact when I started at my current company my husband and I went to BJs and he bought me a big tub of Twizzlers thinking it would help me make friends at work as co-workers would stop by to grab one.  It worked.
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There are also Traveling Families a.k.a. Ten families, a.k.a. the TWIZZLERS Traveling Families, will embark on the ultimate family road trip this summer to celebrate the TWIZZLERS LANDMARK SUMMER promotion. From Rhode Island to Seattle, the families will pass along a TWIZZLERS -inspired vehicle as they visit U.S. landmarks along the way. Follow their travels here!
Where are you heading this summer and what snacks will you be bringing with you?  Comment and let me know.
Disclosure: I am entering a contest for a Twizzlers Landmark Summer promotion prize pack as a member of the Mom Bloggers Club with this post.


Dawn said...

my mom loves twizzlers too-even my kids want to buy them for her whenever we see them! glad you said that was a real tiger-i was wondering and don't know if i'd get that close!!!

Denise McD said...

I LOVE TWIZZLERS TOO!!! on road trips it is my number one go to buy before i leave!
I am following your blog :) my blog is
hop eyou get a chance to read and follow :) and comment :)

FRANNIE said...

I LIVED on Twizzlers in college!

Love them. :)