Saturday, November 26, 2011

11/26/11: Dub Garage Blazerz - Holiday Gift Guide Toy for Boys

Adding to my Holiday Gift Guide is a fun toy for any boy on your list called Dub Garage Blazerz.  Or as I learned, this could be added for any dog on your list.
The toy is cool that it plays music, lights up and goes forward and backwards.  There are 5 buttons on the top of the car to press for it to to each action.  Here is Evan getting creative with his play.
Here it is in the box.  It does include batteries which is always a plus when you have an impatient child waiting for you to open a toy.
 More info from the Toy State Website about the Blazerz.  Light up the night with DUB Garage Blazerz! This one is all about the light show – headlights, tail lights, underglow lights, hood scoop lights, and even a light-up vehicle interior that shows a dramatic cityscape through the windows! Signature DUB Edition vehicle styles are fitted with motorized forward and reverse driving action, great music, realistic vehicle sounds and fun vocal phrases. But, the star of this show is the lights. Lights, lights, and more lights! Turn on the hip hop beats and watch Blazerz glow!
 Evan having fun with it riding it all around the house.
 Fred our dog was very intent on this car following it around and barking at it. It was pretty funny to watch.
Disclosure:  This toy was received for review purposes.  No other compensation was received.  All opinions are my own.

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It's really a nice toy to give out. It's really fantastic that it feels like it's the real thing, only smaller. =)