Tuesday, November 8, 2011

11/8/11: FMC Learn to Skate Promotional Video With Evan

I need to recycle an earlier post from late August when Evan was taped to be in a Promotional Video for FMC Ice Sports now that the Videos are done being edited.  
Evan has skated in the past with FMC in the Learn to Skate Program.  I received an email that there would be a casting call for a promotional video they were producing for the Learn to Skate program and submitted Evan's picture not thinking he would get picked.  Well low and behold after seeing his picture and interviewing him on the phone he was picked and also selected to be interviewed on camera for the video. 
Here is the company video they created.  He is actually in both videos quite a bit.  Look for the red jacket and black helmet.  You can see him right here in the thumbnail for the first video.

And the Learn to Skate specific Video.

Here he is all ready to go.
They also did hair and makeup!  This was the first time Evan had powder put on and thought it was pretty funny.  What a star in the making.  I was also in the interview talking with him on my lap.  The funniest part of the day was the first question they asked him on camera was his favorite sport and he said "Soccer".  Hee, hee.  Then they asked any other sports and he said skating.  Maybe that will make it to the Blooper roll.
It was a very long day.  We got there at 8 am, were interviewed around 11:30 and then the kids skated for a while before the camera man was ready to video tape them skating.  The kids were skating for about 3 hours!  What a long time to skate.  Here they were warming up before the camera man came. 
The camera man getting a shot of Evan skating.
Making a train.
Evan getting taped again.
The Learn to Skate kids.
All the kids watched their teacher do a spin and clapped for her.
Here is some video of that.
This will be an experience he won't soon forget. Let's just hope at least a little of his footage makes it through the final cut.

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