Sunday, March 11, 2012

3/11/12: Basketball Fun

Well we just completed another exciting season of Basketball!  Evan played on the Huskies and they had a great season and learned a lot and I believe improved a ton over last year in K-ball.
 What an All Star!  Love the action shots.
 Ready to start a game.
 Making sure we are watching.  He is so cute, if he shoots, gets a rebound or does well he loves to see that we are watching and giving him a thumbs up.
 With his water bottle that he got at the end of the season.
 With his team.  Great job guys, can't wait to play again next year.  Now it is on to Soccer and Baseball.  Our coach's wife put together an awesome picture montage on DVD for us that I just watched and made me so happy.  It is adorable.

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Jeremy Bastow said...

Heh, they do look like they're having fun. Those youth basketball cards seem like a swell idea. Those can help strengthen the bonds in the community in the area, and it can be pretty cool for the children to be featured in them!