Tuesday, March 13, 2012

4/13/12: My First Princess Baby Belle

What little girl doesn't love Princesses and baby dolls?  What a clever idea to come up with a Princess Baby Doll modeled after the Disney Princesses. 
Don't let the name of "My First Princess" throw you off.  Believe me we have tons of Princesses in our house but this one is so squishy as Lauren says and lovable unlike all her others.  Lauren has not stopped carrying Baby Belle around with her since she got her.  She takes her wherever she goes and of course to bed. 
 She loves her Baby's crown.  She says it is so sparkly and beautiful.  She also was very excited to show her Baby Belle a picture of Princess Belle all grown up on her Princess stroller.  She also wore a pair of Pajamas to bed with Princess Belle on them to show the baby and explain to her that she would grow up to look like her.
 One thing that Lauren does that I absolutely love is that she always kisses me on the forehead before she goes to bed.  How cute is that?  So now she kisses her Baby Belle on the forehead.  Here she is at her brother's basketball game with Baby Belle giving her some love.
 Big hugs for Baby Belle!  She kept saying she is so squishy!
 Rocking her to sleep.  My daughter is 4 but this truly is the perfect gift for kids younger or even a little older.
Here is a little video of Lauren telling me about Baby Belle.
Here is Baby Belle in the package.
 Below you can see some of the other options of dolls for the My First Disney Princess line from Tollytots JAKKS Pacific or on their website here.  You can also find Tollytots on Twitter @Tollytots or on Facebook.  You can see my previous post here about my tour of JAKKS Pacific and Tollytots showroom.
Of course I really have to show some pictures to show Lauren's true love for Belle.
With the Beast too!
 And my sleepy Princess Belle at the Floridian.  This was 2 years ago.
Disclosure:  I received Baby Belle for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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UN-Domestic Goddess said...

So cute. I got my little one a princess doll but a bit different. It was Cinderella and she was young, but not a baby. Apparently was Cinderella as a modern cartoon. Super cute face.