Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3/20/12: GUND Girls Review

Let me introduce you to GUND Girls - Emma, Brooklyn, and Deedee.  I was first introduced to them at Toy Fair in NY and absolutely loved them!  These dolls are so pretty and cuddly.  Lauren ran right over to them to give them a big hug.  She also commented to me that she loved their dresses and accessories.  Any girl knows you must accessorize and Lauren loved their accessories.  You can check them all out here on the Gund Website.  They are beautifully made and have so much detail with bright beautiful colors. 
Their outfits are removable and can be shared with other GUND Girls friends!  What little girl doesn't like changing the clothes on their dolls?  Lauren shared the couch with her GUND girls to watch a movie.  They are so soft to the touch that they are wonderful to cuddle on the couch with or bring to sleep.  Lauren also made me laugh when she told me one of her girls disobeyed her and she had to give her a timeout.  She is acting like a little Mommy to the three dolls.  It is too cute.
Over the years we have had so many GUND products.  In fact my son's favorite little doggy blanket was GUND and he is now 6 and still uses it.  I think these dolls are a wonderful new product that any little girl would love.
Disclosure:  I received the GUND Girls for review.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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